Hi, welcome to my WebSite !
First of all, let me introduce myself.....
My name is Coert, I was born in 1965, and I live in Almelo, The Netherlands.
I have 1 Cairn Terrier - Dusty

On these pages you'll find some information about Cairn Terriers.
On the 'index-pages' of the gallery are medium quality, small-sized pictures. All these are clickable, and linked to the original picture (full-size and high quality).

I hope you will enjoy these pages.

On these pages I use a few different fonts. Most used are Comic Sans MS, Georgia, and Chaucer. This sentence is written in 'Arial', the three fontnames are written in that specific font (bold). If (all) fontnames look like this (Arial Bold), you miss one or more of these fonts.
You can download these (and more) True Type Fonts at the Microsoft Typography Home Page and here (Chaucer).

Oh, how can I forget.....
Click here
to see the what I see when I'm at my favorite place on earth....